The Brooklyn Nutcracker

Brooklyn Ballet experiments with new technology and diverse dance styles, infusing the beloved holiday classic, The Nutcracker, with new characterizations and movement ideas for a unique Nutcracker that represents our borough.

The Brooklyn Nutcracker transforms familiar Nutcracker characters and scenes to represent the diverse traditions and vibrant culture of melting pot Brooklyn. Starting from the point of view of old Dutch Brooklyn and leading to our iconic Flatbush Avenue, the production is fresh and full of virtuosity— in essence, a Christmastime love letter to the borough we call home.

The Brooklyn Nutcracker fulfills Brooklyn Ballet’s mission by providing the borough’s youth with opportunities to dance, by expanding the annual performance season for the professional artists in our company, by injecting contemporary ideas into a classic art form, and by working together with Brooklyn’s diverse communities on a Nutcracker we can call our own.


For the 2014 Season, Brooklyn Ballet presented several excerpts from the upcoming full-length Nutcracker production: a solo of a mad scientist poring over a new invention, a romantic pas de deux, and a beautiful snowflake waltz. We collaborated with popping artist Mike “Supreme” Fields, costume designers YMX by Yellowman, and Nick Vermeer and Bill Ward of hacker collective NYCResistor.

The Brooklyn Nutcracker (excerpts) from Brooklyn Ballet on Vimeo.

We worked together to dream and design a techno tutu, a motion sensor skirt that mimics the pattern of falling snow with LED lights as each performer dances. In the finished production, wintry projections will follow suit, with the dancers’ patterns on stage triggering lights that create a snowy effect.

In addition to the ballerinas’ motion sensor tutus, a more intricately crafted and programmed costume design was created for street dancer Mike “Supreme” Fields, who is Drosselmeyer in The Brooklyn Nutcracker. The 2014 season’s experiments with motion sensor technology make it possible to accentuate and project Mr. Supreme’s skilled pops, puffs, deflations and undulations through actual illumination of those moves.

We are pleased to present 2016's The Brooklyn Nutcracker at the Brooklyn Museum. 

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