Mixed Movement

Mixed Movement is the brainchild of dancer, theatre artist and poet Dawn Crandell.

An eclectic performance of multi-disciplinary contemporary dance, it uses an improvisational social networking format to bring dancers from any discipline together to create new dance ideas and push stylistic boundaries. 

Dancers from every imaginable background have responded to the Facebook invitation asking them to 'show up' to participate in Mixed Movement jam sessions — modern dance, ballet, hip hop, burlesque, belly dancing…

The evening's program is created on the spot, and working from this random format, you can expect the unexpected. Mixed Movement is created in collaboration with Baruch “Baba” Israel, a Hip Hop performing and Spoken Word artist. Brooklyn Ballet has presented Mixed Movement 10 times since 2009. Tickets are $10, and $7 for the first 20 attendees who RSVP on Facebook.