About Brooklyn Ballet Company

At the heart of Brooklyn Ballet’s mission is the creation of new ballets that challenge conventions and defy expectations.

Our repertory, guided by Artistic Director Lynn Parkerson, reflects a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach to ballet, and our dances are created through collaborations with musicians, writers, designers, hackers, visual artists and our Brooklyn neighbors. Opening our ballets to interdisciplinary influences helps us extend the form in unique directions, even while rooted in the classical idiom.

Our community outreach programs are mutually enriching and inform the direction of our artistic work. The Company’s ongoing exposure to street dancing and non-traditional performance settings transforms how we perform our classical dance work. The incorporation of improvisational structures and unorthodox musical scores adds rich, enticing layers to the company's expressive range.

Ms. Parkerson’s core aesthetic includes a juxtaposition of styles, cultures and dance forms. Reaching across cultural and class divides is in the very DNA of the Company, informing each ballet’s tone and composition as well as our education and community programs. The merging of all components—performance, education, artistic excellence and community outreach—is underlined by this idea of “bridging” divides. And that is Brooklyn Ballet's signature.

If you ever get the chance to see Brooklyn Ballet perform, I say DO IT! They are a fantastic company with something for everyone—an eclectic mixture of true break dancing / hip hop and classical ballet, and the dancers are so super talented.”

Jennifer Riggin