Choreography: Lynn Parkerson
Music: P. I. Tchaikovsky
Art Direction/Set Design: Avram Finkelstein
Technologist: Nicholas Vermeer
Costume Design: Sylvia Nolan
Collaborating Choreographer: Michael “Big Mike” Fields
LED Tutu: Leila Ligougne
Lighting Design: Saul Ulerio

World Premiere: December 9, 2015, The Actor Fund Arts Center

Choreographed and Performed by: Emily Oleson and Kwame Opare
Music: Remix by Kwame Opare

World Premiere: April 16 & 17, 2015, The Actors Fund Arts Center


Choreography: David Fernandez
Music: Malcolm Parson, Floating, Secret Window, 7+5

World Premiere: April 16, 2015, The Actors Fund Arts Center

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson 
Music: Nicola Matteis
Costumes: Patricia Forelle

World Premiere: April 3, 2014, The Actor Fund Arts Center

Choreography: Julia K. Gleich 
Music: Malcolm Parson
Costumes: Tamara Gonzales

World Premiere: February 28, 2014, The Actor Fund Arts Center

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson and Michael “Big Mike” Fields
Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Lute Concerto in D Major

World Premiere: 2014

Choreography: James “J-Floats” Fable and Michael “Big Mike” Fields
Music: Temu Bacot, Take Back the Funk

World Premiere: 2014


Choreography: Matthew Powell
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff, Prelude in G Minor Op. 23, Suite No. 1 Op. 5 IV Russian Easter, Etude in E Flat Minor Op. 33, Etude in D Major Op. 39 No. 9

Choreography: Julia K. Gleich and Lynn Parkerson 
Music: John Cage, Shelley Hirsch, Andre Matorin, Baba Israel, Andrew Drury, Russ Lossing, Jen Baker
Costumes: YMX by Yellowman
Set and Sound Design: Libby Hartle, Ranjit Bhatnagar/David Chang

World Premiere: February 28, 2014, The Actor Fund Arts Center

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson 
Music: Louis Couperin, Francois Couperin
Set and Sound Design: NYC Resistors; Ranjit Bhatnagar, Nick Vermeer, Bill Ward
Costumes: YMX by Yellowman
Drawings: Cornelia Thomsen

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson 
Collaborators: Michael “Mike Supreme” Fields, Sydnie Moseley
Music: Igor Stravinsky, Suite Italienne
Costumes: Patricia Forelle

World Premiere: February 28, 2013, The Actor Fund Arts Center

Concept and direction: Lynn Parkerson
Choreography: Isadora Duncan, Michel Fokine
Music: Frederic Chopin, excerpts from Les Sylphides; Alexander Scriabin, The Revolutionary Etude 
Costumes: Patricia Forelle

World Premiere: April 6, 2012, Kumble Theater, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Bessie nomination 2011
Choreography: Raoul Auger Feuillet / Lynn Parkerson 
Music: Archangelo Corelli
Baroque Reconstruction: Thomas Baird
Costumes: Patricia Forelle

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson 
Collaborator: Michael “Mike Supreme” Fields
Music: Burt Bacharach/Bjork, Iain Ballamy, The Kinks, Kunst Oder Unfall, Jim Papoulis
Costumes: YMX by Yellowman

World Premiere: March 3, 2011, The Actors Fund Arts Center

Brooklyn Caprice

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson 
Music: G. F. Handel, Jay-Z, Tinarawen, Rick James, Ivy Queen, Sean Paul, Lalo, Jim Papoulis
Costumes: Patricia Ankner Forelle, Lauren Hartlein, Leah Mulartrick

World Premiere: March 2, 2007, Kumble Theater, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Caprice was Brooklyn Ballet's first piece combining ballet and hip hop and paved the way for future collaborations. Its aliveness comes from the free flowing communication between dancers of wide-ranging styles.” - Lynn Parkerson, Artistic Director


Choreography: Caridad Martinez
Music: Egberto Gismontti, Sonos Cubanos, G.F Handel
Costumes: Jessica Sofia Mitrani

World Premiere: June 15, 2006, Tobacco Warehouse, Dumbo, Brooklyn

Articulos Femeninos (Feminine Articles)

Choreography: Caridad Martinez 
Music: M. I. A., KTU, Gustavo Santaolalla, Flaco Jimenez
Film and Costumes: Jessica Sofia Mitrani

World Premiere: October 26, 2006, Festival Cervantino, San Cristobel, Mexico

Mystery Sonatas

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson
Music: H. I. F. Biber
Baroque Reconstruction: Thomas Baird
Costumes: Patricia Forelle

World Premiere: October 21, 2005, Kumble Theater, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Choreography: Lynn Parkerson
Music: Traditional, Son Ar Christr, arranged by Malcolm Parson; Parting Friends, Windham, arranged by Matthew Brookshire.

World Premiere: 1983, 1996

Choreography: George Balanchine (1904-1983)
Music: Paul Hindemith
Courtesy of The Balanchine Trust

Choreography: Henri Justamant
Reconstruction: Robert Atwood and Claudia Jeschke
Music: Joseph Luigini, Friedrich Burgmueller

La Tirolienne
Pas de L'abeille
Entree la Esmerelda

Classical Repertory

The Nutcracker Pas de Deux, Le Corsaire Pas de Deux, Don Quixote Pas de Deux, White Swan Pas de Deux from Swan Lake's Second Act, Pas de Trois from Swan Lake's First Act